What’s wrong with this picture? (UPDATED)

Here in Denver, new mayor Michael Hancock and several corporate-funded education advocacy organizations are hosting a series of education forums under the name “More From Our Schools: Deeper Dialogue on Education Issues“. So far, it looks like ideological balance is going to be a big issue for this “deeper dialogue”– right now, the only confirmed participants aside from the Mayor are Van Schoales, Rick Hess, and Tony Lewis of the Donnell-Kay Foundation, all men who represent organizations funded by corporations holding similar views on education reform.

And scrolling through the scheduled events, one sees this:

Hmm. If this is a conversation about education issues, how is it possible that the panel of “experts” isn’t drawn from the education community? And why are members of the education community just “listening and asking questions” of these so-called experts?

I sincerely hope this is just an issue of inelegant phrasing, and that this panel actually is drawn from the pool of real experts– the education community.

ETA: Teachers commenting at Education Week are leveling the same criticism at our pal, Arne Duncan:

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