Who I Am

Photo by Nathan W. Armes for Education Week.

I am:

  • a teacher, learner, writer, and advocate
  • a foodie, musician, and avid do-it-yourselfer
  • a loving skeptic
  • an “old soul”

I believe:

  • that freedom is a birthright
  • that an empowering education is essential to maintaining that freedom (duh.)
  • that education does not happen only at school, or end after graduation
  • that learning may not always be comfortable, but that it should always be meaningful and interesting
  • that difference strengthens communities
  • that means matter as much as their ends

If you’d like to work with me on something, just get in touch! I’m always interested in connecting with others and finding new ways to help create positive change.

If you’re interested in my credentials and work experience, connect with me on LinkedIn. View Sabrina Stevens Shupe's LinkedIn profile

If you want to keep up with what I’m thinking and reading in 140 characters or less, follow me on Twitter. Follow TeacherSabrina on Twitter

If you can handle more than 140 characters, head over to one of my blogs.

  • I share thoughts on education policy, practice and reform (and occasionally, politics) on this site.
  • I’ve recently resumed sharing/writing about other things that move me at my Tumblr site, Sabrina’s Joy.

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